About Us

Our Mission Statement

To glorify God, to equip the saints, to help provide a godly atmosphere for the worshippers, to protect the purity of the Church, to evangelize the lost by sharing God’s love and forgiveness with our entire community and help reach the world for Christ in this generation through our Associations, State and National Conventions.


Our Leadership Structure

 Body of Elders - A group of godly men who give overall leadership, and lead in establishing a New Testament standard for faith and practice in our congregation

 Body of Deacons - A group of godly men who assist the Elders in establishing a wholesome atmosphere for worship, fellowship, Christian and mission education, and who carry out the directives of the Elders in the areas of service designed to meet the needs of Southside Tabernacle Baptist Church.

 Church Staff - A group of people constructed by the membership of this church and approved by unanimous decision of the Elders to meet the needs of the ministry

Church Councils - Groups of persons appointed to serve or minister in various capacities in and through the corporate ministry of Southside Tabernacle Baptist Church